• julio 27, 2022

GMP Course – Cleaning Validation, application of risk analysis

GMP - Cleaning Validation Course

GMP Course – Cleaning Validation, application of risk analysis

GMP Course – Cleaning Validation, application of risk analysis 711 400 Atecid

Maintaining or updating training in Cleaning Validation, as part of GMP, as well as on risk analysis is important, interesting, and motivating, since the evolution and improvement is constant, both by types of excipients, products, and events of quality as well as at the level of the guidelines of different institutions as by the result of the inspections. Guaranteeing the quality of drugs in the manufacturing chain requires maintaining a high and demanding level of cleanliness, as a key process for the pharmaceutical industry.

Cleaning validation applies to the entire pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical laboratories, biotechnology laboratories, cosmetics laboratories (also manufacturers), with both generic, management, and more specific concepts, at the level of technology and knowledge, for its impact on the quality of laboratory and manufacturing processes.

At ATEC+ID we have been working for some years both with the Pharmaceutical sector and with the Cosmetics sector, both in consulting and training services, and we now offer this online course in online or e-learning mode, with the aim of offering solid training support to both sectors, and transferring the experiences and improvements that are taking place. Both due to the robustness of the manufacturing process and the impact of the audits, new needs and requirements also arise in this area, and for this reason a final case study is included in the course.

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The course starts on the 3rd October and finishes on the 2nd December 2022.

The course takes place on our plataform, accesible 24/7.

We appreciate that you can give the maximum diffusion to this course.

This course is held in English, please take a look at the course sheet and calendar, and if you want to access the Spanish version, please click here. Contents are the same.