• julio 27, 2022

Good Distribution Practice of Medicines (GDPs) for Human Use, Focused on Transport

Pharma GDP Course

Good Distribution Practice of Medicines (GDPs) for Human Use, Focused on Transport

Good Distribution Practice of Medicines (GDPs) for Human Use, Focused on Transport 711 400 Atecid

Maintaining or updating the training in Good Distribution Practices for Medicines for Human Use (GDP Good Distribution Practices, or BPD) is important and interesting, since news are constant, especially in practice and at the level of cases, both by product type and quality events such as the result of the inspections. Ensuring drug quality in the pharmaceutical supply chain has led to major changes in distribution, changes in accordance with regulations that are also evolving in their application.

The MHRA and European Commission Guidelines, similar to FDA guidelines inside cGMPs, apply to the entire drug distribution chain, with both generic and more specific concepts, such as Transport, due to its impact on distribution. Whether the activity is properly the distribution of medicines, subject to authorization, as in the case of companies or freelancers that provide transport services, or subcontracted services of another type, it is necessary to know, get trained in the GDP of medicines and prove it.

At ATEC+ID we have been working with both the Pharma and Transport sectors for years, both in consulting and training services, and now we offer this online course in e-learning mode, which can be 100% rewarded in case of Spanish companies. The aim of this course is offering solid training support to both sectors, pharmaceutical laboratories and distributors, and transferring the experiences and news that are have been producing. Audits are another critical aspect for both sectors, and in this area new needs, requirements and market identification also arise, and for this reason an audit module is included, as important or more than the validations of facilities to suppliers, or the computer validation and data integrity and quality.

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