Analysis and problem solving

Specialists in analysis and problem solving

Companies and industry need to solve or reduce their industrial and business process problems more quickly and efficiently, it is one of the keys to competitiveness. In this scenario, many methods are identified, often related to each other by their origin or conception. ATEC+ID has experience in the application of these methods or tools and can play a crucial role in your company.

Among the most widespread methods we have:

  • Pareto diagrams
  • affinity diagrams
  • Ishikawa diagram (or fish skeleton)
  • FMEA (Failure Mode Analysis)
  • 5W2H (also just “the 5 whys”)
  • 8D (Eight Disciplines Problem Solving)
  • Others

Often there is also talk of “root cause analysis”, this aspect refers to the search for the origins of the problems and in them the Ishikawa and 8D methods are clearly identified, methods that also interact with the previous tools on the list. .

These methods are applicable to other types of management systems, even to quality systems, and can substantially enhance your current tools, but for this it is necessary to know the application discipline and a certain amount of experience that ATEC+ID offers you.