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Hot Rolling of Long Products Course 2022

Hot Rolling of Long Products Course

Hot Rolling of Long Products Course 2022

Hot Rolling of Long Products Course 2022 560 315 Atecid

This course addresses the complete field of hot rolling of long products, expanding in this fifth edition precisely the contents of roll pass design, extending the detail of the design process both to bar and to profile. The preferences of the course attendees themselves have guided this new Online version or e-learning, for which we have counted on the inestimable generosity of our collaborators, with high-quality graphic material, which helps to understand the contents, and to deepen in the course. This is the sixth edition, and we hope it will be of your interest.

Training is not only of interest to new professionals in the sector, but it is mainly of interest to senior professionals, who find an opportunity to acquire new points of view on technical issues and new methods and ideas on how to analyze their particular case, or how to project new projects and ideas. We were also visited by professionals with management or leadership functions, for whom it is important to contemplate all areas of the activity of a rolling mill, such as quality, facilities, mill stations, maintenance, Lean management, continuous improvement, new projects, etc. , and even to understand the costs.

The course takes place in our new online training platform, and live contact by videoconference can be asked tobe held. This does not mean that quality is lost, rather on the contrary, this modality is ideal for this type of content in which it is necessary to understand formulas and effects, since it allows a progress through the course, adapted to each person.

The course structure is as follows:

Module 1: General vision of the sector and rolling mill processes

The steel sector is one of the world’s largest sectors and markets, important in all economies, both in developed and developing countries. A description of the sector is presented based on its key aspects, which are always important in matters of growth phases, product types, price configuration, costs, phases and trends, etc. The sector also presents a wide variety of products and processes, which are obtained in different configurations of rolling processes. At this point, this course provides an overview of these rolling and finishing processes configurations in mills. This module is continuously updated.

Module 2: Metallurgical vision of the steel hot rolling process

A presentation of the characteristics and determining steps of the hot rolling process is made, so that the participant can assess the influence of different aspects, such as composition, temperature, degree of deformation and rolling speed, or assess how and what aspects can be inferred in the process to obtain different qualities and grades of steel.

Module 3: Roll Pass Design

This section has been expanded for 2021, and it is very important and cared for by us since it is the content that can allow new products to be rolled by shape and quality, along with certain metallurgical aspects. In rolling, nothing is separated in a watertight way, passes and metallurgy are important to obtain different qualities, and in addition, all this in turn can be strongly influenced by the layout.

Module 4: Productivity and Efficiency in a Rolling Mill

The facilities of a rolling mill determine the production capacity, energy consumption and energy efficiency, etc. All of this strongly influences and can be a determining factor about the products that can be obtained in a rolling mill, both for physical capacity and for profitability. Both the configuration of the rolling mill and the processes carried out in each of the units, be it rolling-forming or finishing, determine a certain dimensional range and type of product that the participant can contextualize.

The entire sector widely applies the ISO 9001:2015 standard for quality management in these companies and groups. Both for this reason, and for the changes that were effectively introduced in the companies around 2018, it is interesting that the participant is aware of the application of this standard in steel companies, and specifically in a rolling mill.

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Date: The course takes place between the 3rd October and 15th December year 2022, with 24/7 access to our e-learning platform, so the participant can tailor dedication to your schedule or activity level.

Registrations and Prices

Registrations will be available until the last day.

This course is in English, and the price is 900 € per person

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The participant will receive a username and password to access the course on our training platform on the same day it starts.

It is necessary to have a PC or MAC computer, or a mobile device type tablet or smartphone with internet access to take the course.

The participant will receive a certificate at the end of the course. To obtain a certificate of achievement it will be necessary to have passed 75% of the evaluation tests with a 5 out of ten, and to obtain a certificate of attendance it will be necessary to have completed 75% of the contents

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