Software and Web

Internet has become a mass medium of information and communication where millions of people attend. Therefore, being on the Internet is the largest potential market that ever lived. Never before has it been possible to reach millions of potential customers an easy and economical way. Just having a website and design appropriate to reach many of the Internet users strategies.

Nuestra Web

Having a website is easy, affordable and useful, it is almost a waste to ignore this channel because it allows:

- Local, national and global presence, and if you have a problem with languages, we can solve it.
- Extended hours for any customer to access your offer, your image, to search about, etc.
- Saving money and time
- Acquire new customers anywhere in the world.
- More efficient Advertisement, and directly managed from you, and if you need help, we help you.
- Better image and prestige
- Sales growth
- Improve your communication
- Advance to competition
- Your business card 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"Currently if your company can not be found on the Internet simply does not exist"

ATECID offers professional services for the development/reconstruction of your website and/or online store. With our help you can grow its contents, adapting to new technologies and more efficient means of presentation in each moment, to link your social networks and communicate with current and potential customers in a simple and attractive way.

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