Online & Offline Processes Monitoring, Value for Management

Category: Software

The availability of data online, on your mobile phone, tablet, PC, laptop, etc., is no longer a limitation, but the opportunity to manage companies with minimal performance losses, and maximum information. This information is useful to know the state of the business processes at all times, for example (pharma sector), have controlled at all times the temperature and/or humidity in the processes (GMPs) from a single monitoring point, in transport (GDPs), or in the office buildings themselves for better well-being and lower energy consumption (ISO 50001).

From a Lean or Lean Six Sigma point of view, these solutions also bring a lot of value, since they reduce, and in some cases eliminate, the need to dedicate personnel to go check the status or measurement parameter of a certain device (thermometer , fluid level,% CPU in use, etc.), and thus reduce time lost in comings and goings, together with the online availability of data, which in many cases, simply are not registered. It is very common to occur in Lean Six Sigma and/or Continuous Improvement projects that encounter barriers in the absence of data, identified as key parameters or variables, or whose traditional procurement is tedious or requires to dedicate a lot of resources.

These new technologies that come into the IoT (Internet of Things) environment allow the derivation of information to different equipment and locations, according to preferences, which opens the possibilities to the delocalized or remote management of any process or any maintenance activity (especially buildings, industrial and agri-food).

The range of possibilities is enormous, do not doubt that we can help you develop your solutions.