Hot Rolling of Steel Long Products - Training Course

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After many years of work and evolution in the sector, we are offering this course of hot rolling of long products, with the intention of being useful for many professionals and companies, and to satisfy their demand. The hot rolling of long steel products has its majority destination in construction, but also in other sectors. In the last decades a great evolution is taking place in the production of high strength steels, in different ways to obtain them, in the technology applied to obtain certain sections, in the machinery used for it, and in general in the design of the rolling processes.

We attach the links to download the call and the registration form, which should be sent to us filled out directly via e-mail  send an e-mail to for seat reservations or to get more details, or you can Contact us trough the contact form in this website, we will be happy to provide more information.

We are grateful for the full dissemination of information about this training course.

Curso - pdf Training Course Description

Curso - pdf Course Program

Registro - pdf Registration Form

You can also send your data directly by e-mail.


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