Economical Advantages for R&D&i and Growth

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From ATEC+ID we want to convey and reinforce the idea, and proven fact, of the key thing is to innovate and improve processes and products by introducing these concepts into the strategies of business models to achieve the success of our companies, from obtaining a solid long-term growth to survive. The introduction of Innovation and Improvement activities of processes and products and services, within the strategy of companies as a model to generate news, is one of the options, it can also be invest in contracting R & D, or buy the R & D & I results, collaborate between internal and external teams, etc. All these modalities have their economic advantages, which can be materialized through tax deductions for R & D & I, and also sometimes through subsidies. The strategy to take to optimize the use of these advantages may include all these, and even other mechanisms, but not using anyone seems nowadays somewhat "out of the market". It is clear that innovation (R & D & I understood globally) and the improvement of our processes, products and services, is key, basic to ensure the future of a company, and in this chapter Spain has a long journey as described in the article of the EAE Business School a few days ago, where Spanish investment in R & D + i is 39% lower than that of the European average, which is around 2% of GDP (in Spain only 1.22%), from where it has not moved in the last 5 years. This article also wants to bring here another very good article recently published in La Vanguardia where the image said "let them to innovate", and a third study from BCG (Boston Consulting Group), in which for the nth year there is no Spanish company among the 50 companies Most innovative in the world..

Among the incentives that can be used are public subsidies end tax deductions for R & D & i, with large differences between both, among which we would like to name two very significant: deductions allow companies to follow their own strategies, content, planning, etc., while subsidies only finance what the political will of the moment want, and secondly, because the deductions are directly applicable, with well-known periods of profitability, two interesting advantages on the tax dedudction side, now that July tax settlement for businesses is approaching. Call us, we can help you !!