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So much that we have been talking about digitizing and creating new processes, etc., we show a current case in which we are defining and creating in cloud a series of typical maintenance processes, which are given in many companies, based on software that optimizes day-to-day activities, key to the industrialization of services in what we mean by continuous planning.

As the most important thing is to know what we want to do, we will start at the beginning, developing the strategy of maintenance of the company at the level of business and process engineering. In the case and general content (Maintenance) that concerns us, we will focus on the case of TPM (Total Production Maintenance) that we take to comment that it is a question of getting some of the maintenance activities can be performed by any employee, based on a planning and a previous implementation of this system of organization/management, which we also offer from ATEC + ID. Both activities, development of the strategy and management and its digitization in the form of software to manage the maintenance TPM (and the rest of the maintenance also), developed according to criteria Agile, can be realized simultaneously.


Gestion de Mantenimiento en Cloud


Obtaining a system that supports the traceability between the management-manager and the progress of maintenance activities, and the "solvers" or requesting assistance, supports constant and updated communication based on a ticketing system. Requests for assistance in case of incidents, malfunctions or malfunctions are recorded, sent and resolved in a very simple and agile way.

From the point of view of the managers (boss, director, subcontractor, maintenance manager, etc.) it allows multiple functionalities that go not only to communication with the associated customer (the requesting customer) but also to communication with other levels within the organizational structure of the support unit. In addition to the operational part, they have an analytical part that allows them to manage reports for the evaluation not only of the current status and evolution, but also of data collection to evaluate trends and workloads, as well as to obtain information on the quality and level of service offered. 

Do these solutions identify your needs?

  • Have multiple channels of entry to your support / maintenance service: email, phone and web.
  • Integrate third parties, who can send tickets (applications) that will automatically be discharged.
  • Keep informed persons involved in one or several maintenance activities, on the evolution and actions taken in an action, before communicating it to the final client / interested party.
  • Generate the quality and activity records immediately, with the relevant dates, employees involved, time invested, the type of maintenance associated and the related service, among others.
  • Organize the reception of requests, in queues, to be attended by your support staff that less time of resolution will employ in them.
  • To allow scaling within the support groups so that the first level groups of attention can scale to levels of specialists and these to groups of provider and manufacturer.
  • To keep track of changes made to an application or maintenance action.
  • In order to be able to link tickets with other tickets, so that a single problem that affects multiple customers and that open their corresponding ticket can be concentrated in one, and not disperse the performance of the equipment, and obtain the least resolution time.
  • In order to activate automatic actions that perform scaling or closing.