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Nuevo Proceso Verde de Fabricación de Acero

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Interesting new the one from the MIT (Massachuse

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Subsidies for the Industry

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It has been published a press release

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Buildings Energy Efficiency Certificate

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Buildings Energy Efficiency Certificate

From last April 6 as published in the Real Decreto 235/2013, it is mandatory for the promoter and owner of any building or part of it, to hold an energy efficiency certicate for:

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The World Iron&Steel Sector Grows, The Spanish Reduces

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Steel production grows globally, lowers in Europe and sinks in Spain. The Chinese and Indian steel industry is growing at 9.1% and 2.9% respectively, while Europe fell by 5.4% and 17.3% Spanish.

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SWIMATHON 2013 - Marie Curie Cancer Care

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Between 26 and April 28, 2013 has taken place 

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Innovation in Payment Systems

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Following the achievement of access to banking and transactions over the Internet, led at the time in Spain by Bankinter, nowadays there are some unknowns or uncertainties about the following innovations in payment methods, banking, ICT partners etc., regarding the upcoming tec

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Carbon Footprint Calculation

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We recently published several comments regarding the lack of established methodologies more or less official.

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Future Challenges for ASPAPEL

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Last March 20 was held "invent the future role" , a very interesting seminar on the challenges and research lines for the European paper industry, organized by ASPAPEL.

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Fantastic 3M Day

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Without wishing to dwell unnecessarily from ATEC + ID we recognize the efforts and brilliance of this day of 3M developed Garrigues headquarters in Madrid a few days ago, and called "Summit 3mil Year".

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Progress in the End of Waste Condition

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If we make a little history, with decision 1600/2002 of the EC began to want to differentiate what was a residue from what was not.

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