It's important to save the distance between "quality control" and a "quality management system", the customers don't buy a system and they do buy products and services. The reason of being for a quality management system can be found in the warranty for the customer that the product he buys is the one he is requesting. This could be seen as obvious, nevertheless it is not, since the need imposed from the corporations matrix or headquarters to obtain the certifications, in some cases, confuse the satisfaction of geting a certificate with the effectiveness of the system over the quality of the product reaching a customer. The product or service is the result of several processes, not only the fact of the manufacture (production) so, to improve the qualitative and even quantitative performance, other processes should be included in the control structure, standarisation and systematization.


ATEC+ID implements certifiable quality management systems, under diferent norms, specially ISO 9001:2008, as a base of reference for other systems, integrating it with the environment management ISO 14001, Management of Health and Safety Risks OHSAS 18001 or the one for the R&D&Innovation UNE 166002 (Spanish standard), as well as EFQM systems. For all of them, software support is offered, with respect to documents and tables, also database, and assistance in software updating and maintenance in diferent platforms, you can ask us about it.


Another aspect causing controversy in the last years is the concept of excellence. In traditional management systems, ISO 9001 type, the excellence was being understood as the level reached when all the perimeter of the companies, including the final customers was being considered in the system, there were no exclusions and ISO 9004 certification existed. These considerations, not always reached the level of EFQM systems, due to questions of scope and extent. An organization is not excellent because saying it, but it is if others say it.